Scavenger Antenna

Using the supplies I had on hand, I constructed a 35.5′ random wire antenna to use as a vertical and/or sloper with my Jackite mast on POTA activations. Because the length of wire is non-resonant, it should work with my Chameleon Hybrid Mini 5:1 transformer, LDG 4:1 unun, or a 9:1 unun that a friend made for me. This antennas is easy to build and is durable for portable ops.

The antenna was constructed using 18 AWG crosslink primary wire, wire stripper, crimper, 18 AWG ring connector, 3:1 marine grade heat shrink, and a heat gun.

I crimped the ring connector to the wire and then slipped marine grade 3:1 heat shrink to the base of the ring. I used a heat gun to constrict the heat shrink. On the other end I folded 3″ of the wire and slipped heat shrink on top of the fold while exposing a small loop to fit on the carabineer at the top of my Jackite mast. Again, I used the heat gun to constrict the heat shrink.The heat shrink creates a tight, yet flexible, seal. Since this wire antenna is for portable use on POTA activations, it should be durable enough. Also, I wanted to use the supplies I had on hand without having to buy antenna parts.

I will be deploying this antenna at a POTA activation tomorrow and will report back on how it performed.

73 and POTA on!

Published by Bill Brown

Reformed and reforming Baptist. Husband and father. Salesman by trade. Amateur radio operator Mets, Giants, Nets, Devils and Rutgers fan.

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