Drive-by Activations at K-4646 Withlacoochee State Forest and K-3667 Withlacoochee State Trail

Southern Terminus Sign for Withlacoochee State Forest in Dade City, FL

Today I activated two parks. One is an old friend, K-4646 Withlacoochee State Forest. I am chasing a Kilo award at this park and every contact gets me closer. The stats for today’s activation at K-4646 is 46 total contacts, all CW. I worked 10 DX countries: Belgium, Germany, England, Italy, France, Finland, Sweden, Slovenia, and the Czech Republic. The first contact was with K0BXB at 13:56 UTC on 14.041. The last contact was with K0CMH at 14:49 UTC on 14.041.

The highlight of this activation was a CW QSO with Junie, N1DUC. This is Junie’s first CW QSO! She did a great job. It is always exciting to see a ham take the leap into the world of CW. Congratulations, Junie!

Later in the day I moved on to K-3367, Withlacoochee State Trail. The Withlacoochee State Trail has various trail entrances along it’s path. I activated at the southern terminus in Dade City, FL.

Southern Terminus of the Withlacoochee State Trail

I made 100 contacts with 30 being CW and 70 SSB. There was only two DX stations, one in Venezuela and the other in Puerto Rico. The first contact was with KD9PHY at 20:53 UTC on 14.041 and the last contact was with KE0HEW at 21:59 UTC on 14.288. Here are some photos of my set up at K-3667.

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